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The shocking newspaper article of the shooting at Sandy Hook has

moved artist Suze Moll to create this painting in honor of all the

souls who gave their lives in service of the Oneness. The painting

contains 20  energy rays representing the crystal children. There

are  6 transparent  rays representing their teachers who are light

workers.  Inside the center of the light there is a clockwise spiral

with their names. Lower is an indigo fiber sphere  shifting and 

reordering the earth. A copper spiral turning counterclockwise  

containing 2 stars represents Adam and his mother. Radiating out

of the energy are waves of rainbow light representing the divinity

in all.

Suze Moll is a team member of T-Shirts for Peace. We are a branch 
of  the non-profit organization Soul Support Systems. Our mission 
is to nurture the well-being of all children and co-create new ways 
to live  in a world of peace. Suze is donating 50% of all proceeds 
from this painting to T-Shirts for  Peace in support of it's global 
vision of heaven on earth.   We thank Suze for her generous heart 
and creating this very important  visionary painting that not only 
honors all the souls from Sandy Hook  but reminds us that it is 
important to bring oneness to our world in  peaceful ways.
Prints of ONENESS are available for your purchase.